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Is 2FA required at registration?

It is not. We heavily encourage it being setup & utilized, and it is for some functionality, but creating an account & setting up notifications (not utilizing the app for push notifications) it is not required for.

Can I utilize other 2FA apps in lieu of the KillSwitch App?

No, you cannot. Not because we don't want you to, but core functionality relies on the KillSwitch App that can't be obtained from other 2FA providers; such as push notifications or time measurement between sending & receiving a notification.

I lost access to my KillSwitch App and cannot generate the 2FA code.

This happens. There is only a single way to resolve this: providing your recovery key. This recovery key should be treated like your seed phrase or private key of your wallet. Without it, we are limited in what we can do to recover the account.
Your backup code can be retrieved by navigating to settings -> app binding and removing the blur covering your recovery key. If you haven't, please write that down and save it in a safe place.

Once registered, does my account work across all supported chains?

Yes, it does for logging in, beyond that is chain dependent.
Notifications are restricted for each chain to chains that don't support smart contracts and the chain connected. So Ethereum might show for options: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin. Whereas BSC would show for options: BSC, Bitcoin, Litecoin. That is once Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and BSC are available.
Nicknames are unique per chain. So if one address has a nickname while logged into one chain, it will not have that same nickname while logged into another chain.
Triggers are also unique per chain due to requiring a smart contract be deployed for full functionality.
Subscriptions are unique per chain as well. If you subscribe on say Ethereum, it will require an additional subscription on Avalanche C-Chain.

Can I register multiple KillSwitch accounts (aka registered wallets) to a single device?

You can. A device is made to be operable with multiple accounts. Whereas each account can only be tied to a single device.
*Do I need KYC to use KillSwitch?
You do not. We do not require KYC to create an account, setup notifications, utilize triggers, purchase subscriptions or anything pertaining.
If KYC is required, we will make it very, very clear ahead of time. Pseudo-anonymity is a blockchain staple and should only be required when necessary, of which KillSwitch requires nothing necessary for KYC.

Can I perform triggers on multiple wallets from one account?

No. The wallet you register with and subscribe for, will be the only wallet you can actively trigger.