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Smart Contracts

Are the smart contracts audited?

The smart contracts are indeed audited, by Certik. We will however be undergoing at a minimum 2 additional audits prior to releasing the source and audit reports as a precaution for ensuring the security. If anything is discovered in the following audits, we will determine a process for migration to the new contracts which very well may not be able to be automated, given the authority and security concerns currently implemented.

Where can I view the smart contracts source code?

The smart contracts are closed source for the time being. The ABI's are made available here in the docs.
They aren't closed source for no reason. With a single audit and it being new code (not forked), the risk of an exploit is inherently higher than normal.
With that, we're happy to explain the reason a function exists and it's uses, we just won't share the code. The code will be shared with the auditors however, to perform their review of which we will release, redacting any actual code until the audit results are ironclad.

Can I integrate KillSwitch contracts into mine?

If you are a developer looking to integrate with KillSwitch's contracts, reach out to us. We will assist in the integration as a means of preventing the exposure of code, prior to the additional audits being performed.
Last modified 6mo ago