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Wallet Integrations

Integration with wallets can help further the benefits of monitoring & evacuating for the more common wallet user.
  • Integrating management of their KillSwitch account within the wallet extension/app provides more direct control and further promotes a best management practice sorely missing in the web3 space.
  • Utilizing the wallet for notification deliveries increases the chances customers use your wallet while increasing the chance they receive notifications more immediate.
  • It provides the ability to identify at the web2 level whether a transaction was initiated by the actual owner, or somewhere foreign to their geolocation.
  • The KillSwitch App provides a 2FA service. In it's current state, other than being tied to our services, there isn't any apparent reason to use this over traditional methods such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator. However, wallets nowadays prioritize a password over any other form of security and we believe that needs to be rectified for accelerated adoption.
If you are interested, by all means reach out to us and we would be happy to sit down and discuss what integration would look like, the resources required and what we stand up to ensure the service provided is top tier.