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Is this a recurring charge?

No. At this time, while recurring charges are built into the contract, they are not active for purchasing. Anything bought at this time is strictly a one-time purchase (IE: A purchase of a 1 Month option grants 1 month duration to your subscription.) When recurring charges are enabled, they will be identified separately from the currently offered "Purchase" button.

What if my subscription expires?

What would be expected: functionality for KillSwitch monitoring and triggering is suspended. It will still monitor and notify (without a trigger ability) on the first 3 notifications you've created and you can still initiate the trigger yourself.

What are subscriptions paid in?

The specific option will identify the token utilized for payment. We are striving to stick to stablecoins until we, potentially, have our own. However, not being fans of having a token without any true underlying utility, we don't see a need for one now.

How do I get a refund?

We're sorry to hear, but all purchases are final.

Can I move my subscription to a different wallet?

We have the ability to deduct and add time to someone's subscription. Contact us on our socials or discord.