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Gas Escrow

How is gas handled?

It's a good question, one we pondered when conceptualizing KillSwitch. There were a few options but we settled on utilizing an escrow smart contract setup.
Essentially, the wallet owner loads that escrow contract with however much of the gas token of the chain is (ETH for Ethereum for example). It sits untouched and available at absolutely any time to them for withdrawal. When a trigger is executed on behalf of the wallet owner by KillSwitch, the gas is calculated to be used that quantity withdrawn from the wallet owners escrow quantity and routed to the KillSwitch Gas Wallet to replenish what was used. If a trigger is executed directly from the owners' wallet, the gas is being paid by the owner and not KillSwitch on their behalf, thus the gas in the escrow contract remains untouched.
This means if the escrow is not filled, KillSwitch performing triggers on the owners' behalf aren't possible. This can be mitigated a few ways of which we're integrating such as grace triggers, essentially performing it for free. These are likely to be earned per subscription tier or promotional events.

Does my gas expire?

No. From the time you deposit, if we don't execute a remote trigger on your behalf, then the gas deposited remains untouched. The gas is in that contract for a single purpose: refunding KillSwitch for remote triggers on the owners' behalf.

I transferred gas to the contract but don't see it as deposited?

Please request support for this. If we can verify the gas resides within the contract from your wallet, we can submit a ticket to those who have control of those wallets and they can recover the funds.