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Information deemed private and/or traceable in respect to the owner's identity, anonymous or not, will not be provided. Addresses and associated information being on the public ledger is not deemed private and/or traceable in respect to the owner's identity.
KillSwitch can provide various data points to analytics researchers. Information such as:
  • Addresses being set for notifications (ie: watched)
  • The amount of times an address has been set for notifications (ie: watched)
  • Quantity of notifications delivered per wallet and over which medium.
  • Results to polls pertaining to security and other topics performed by KillSwitch.
  • Trigger type preferences.
  • Trigger & Mock trigger results.
Data paints pictures and we support analytics researchers that are painting with the data. If you're interested in any of the data points above or curious on any unlisted topics that would abide by our privacy statement above, please reach out to us and we will discuss getting you access to a private API. We will provide an API portal in the future.